RoboCamp 2022

RoboCamp 2021 - 2022

Information on RoboCamp for Summer 2022 is OUT NOW! Check out more details down below! Sign-Ups are first come, first serve so SIGN UP NOW!

What is RoboCamp?

RoboCamp is a summer program designed for mature elementary, middle, and high school students. Each 5-day camp offers 35 hours of intense study (8:00 AM - 3:00 PM) mixed with interactive activities. Summer RoboCamp participants will discover the concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, through the medium of robotics competitions. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Lego Robotics using Lego EV3 from from concepts as simple as structural integrity and basic sensors to mastering the engineering design process and its nuances, gear ratios, modular programming, and so much more! Then, students will have opportunities to test out their new skills through a mission-based competition where they will be able to put their robots to the test! The program encourages cooperative participation, hands-on robotics, basic teamwork and leadership skills that can be directly applied to the real world.


  • LEGO RoboCamp - June 13th to June 17th
  • Advanced LEGO RoboCamp - June 20th to June 24th


  • Sign Up for your first camp at only $300 until May 12th! (Early Bird Pricing)
  • Sign Up for both camps at only $580!
  • If your child needs lunch provided to them at the camp, for an additional $40 for each camp will cover lunch provision for the full week!
  • All information above and further details can be found in the Sign Up form!

How To Register

  • Online registration now open!

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LEGO® RoboCamp

For students aged 10 and up (grades 4 through 8).

Students will experience robotics through the LEGO® Mindstorms system.

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